Car Servicing

Your vehicle needs to be serviced regularly and how frequently will depend on a few different things.

Most modern vehicles have a service due lamp, which in some vehicles will stay Illuminated whilst the engine is running, some will stay on for a minute on start up and then go out. It is now very common that owners have there vehicle serviced when there MOT is due.

Many people don’t like the prospect of paying for a regular service and in many cases a car will carry on running well even if it hasn’t been serviced for a while!  Over the years after servicing cars here at Helyer Autos often customers have said that it doesn’t feel like the car is running any better however under the hood the vehicle will tell a different story. Although these changes are small they make a massive difference to the car and how it runs.

Increased response, better air flow, easier start up from cold, better oil travel and so many other things are a key benefit to getting your car serviced regularly.

There are a lot of horror stories (online and offline) about how a customer has got a mechanic to service their vehicle and then found out later on that the work hasn’t been carried out correctly including oil not being changed or spark plugs not replaced etc. So when you go to get your service done make sure that you check with them what you are getting for your money and always remember that cheapest is usually (in our experience) not the best.

Also don’t forget that although that £29-00 service looks good on the outside a lot of companies may try to up-sell you. Here at Helyer Autos we make sure we tell you how much, what to expect, time frames and we will always ensure you can see the work has been done. If we find anything else that may need doing we will always consult with you first. We may not be the cheapest but we definitely will give you value for money and service with a smile. Want to know more why not get in touch today.


Car Maintenance

Did you know that a regular service can ensure that you save in the long term?

Did you also know that keeping your tyre pressures checked throughout the year could save you up to £150-00 per year?

Here at Helyer Autos we offer a car service that is second to none. Ensuring your vehicle has all the right levels of fluid and also has new filters replaced yearly will ensure your car runs smoothly. With a keen eye for detail we have also been known to spot issues before  they arise meaning our customers have saved money from costly repairs later on down the line.

Make sure you check your oil levels, water level, brake fluid levels and air pressure regularly and especially before you are about to embark on a long journey as this can make a huge difference to how your car drives and even feels.

Did you also know that it is your duty to ensure that your tyres are road worthy and if you don’t and get caught with a tyre below the legal limit you could be fined and even gain points on your license which puts up the cost of your insurance massively?

For sound and impartial advice why not give us a call with any questions you may have today on 01344 426999.