Confident Mechanics

Firstly we want to be honest and open with you from the start but we also know that there are a number of mechanics that don’t run their businesses on the same principles that we do so below we are trying to outline some useful hints and tips that help you to ensure you get the right mechanic for the job.

1 – Always make sure you get a few quotes as we have heard that some mechanics will often extend the issues to things that don’t necessarily need doing so that they can make a few extra pounds for their back pockets.

2 – Getting a diagnostic test result can often lead a mechanic straight to the problem without you needing to drop your car off for days so that they can charge you extra for spending hours trying to find the problem. A diagnostics test usually will only take a few minutes and will often end up saving you a small fortune.

3 – Your tyres are no longer safe and need replacing is a common way for some mechanics to make a few extra quid so as a general rule of thumb check your tyre depth using a 20p coin and if the outer edge is below the tyre tread your car tyres should be fine. Alternatively take the vehicle to a tyre specialist and make sure you get them checked before replacing them. Common prices can start from £200-00 for a set of 4 new tyres which is a pretty price to pay if they don’t really need replacing.

4 – When getting work done to your car make sure that you ask the mechanic to keep back the old parts as you would like to see them as this will discourage them from charging you for new parts that haven’t necessarily been replaced.

If you are a dinosaur when its comes to the engine on your car why not get a few quotes and make Helyer Autos one of them for a trusted and reputable mechanic that will ensure you are back on the road in no time. Simply contact us today on 01344 426999 to find out more.

Car Maintenance

Did you know that a regular service can ensure that you save in the long term?

Did you also know that keeping your tyre pressures checked throughout the year could save you up to £150-00 per year?

Here at Helyer Autos we offer a car service that is second to none. Ensuring your vehicle has all the right levels of fluid and also has new filters replaced yearly will ensure your car runs smoothly. With a keen eye for detail we have also been known to spot issues before  they arise meaning our customers have saved money from costly repairs later on down the line.

Make sure you check your oil levels, water level, brake fluid levels and air pressure regularly and especially before you are about to embark on a long journey as this can make a huge difference to how your car drives and even feels.

Did you also know that it is your duty to ensure that your tyres are road worthy and if you don’t and get caught with a tyre below the legal limit you could be fined and even gain points on your license which puts up the cost of your insurance massively?

For sound and impartial advice why not give us a call with any questions you may have today on 01344 426999.