The Myths and Truths About Vehicle Diagnostics

So, you are driving along and all of a sudden the engine check lamp (or engine management system light) illuminates on the dash board and all from nowhere.

A sudden panic and you probably start thinking of what to do next. Quite often many people will take the vehicle to a garage or to a friend whom they believe has a code reader. Potentially that friend or garage may even be able to fix the issue for you or simply turn off the light and hope for the best.

So, you go to your friend or garage and get told a code and many people will then hit Google with that code and look at ways of fixing it or try to work out a price for the work to be done.

Now, when the light illuminates one of 3 things can happen. Firstly, the car could stop working completely. Secondly, the car could go into limp mode which means you will experience a loss of power and just idle to your destination a lot slower. Thirdly the car could carry on with what seems to be no problem at all and drives perfectly.

9 out of 10 times the cheap code readers will give you a code that is a secondary code. In other words another fault has caused this code to pop up which could mean there could be further problems going forwards.

Here at Helyer Autos we have spent thousands on the correct diagnostic machinery and have a state of the art facility to ensure that we can correctly pin point the problem with accuracy this will allow us to fix the actual problems and not a secondary code issue.

The cheap (£15-00 in some cases) diagnostic machines on Ebay and similar will often pin the problem to say a catalyctic convertor but what they won’t do is pin point the part of it that is broken. They will generally give what we refer to as a hunt code that could be 1 of many issues that the vehicle has.

Want to know more? Why not contact us today for a diagnostics test that beats the rest.

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