Buying a Second Hand Car?

Buying a second hand car? Check out our list of hints and tips below to help you get the best deal –
1} Decide on what make and model of vehicle you want, and also the colour if indeed that matters to you before you go and start looking as this will narrow your search and mean you spend a lot less time looking.
2} Make sure to do some research into your chosen vehicle to see what other people are selling at.  Auto trader is a good place to start and will give you a general consensus on what sort of prices to expect etc.
3} If you are a younger person starting out on your driving career what you want and what you can afford to Insure is going to be 2 different things, Investigate the Insurance category of your chosen vehicle before you buy as this could save you hundreds of pounds.
4} As a general rule of thumb the small low Insurance category cars get snapped up quickly as there is a high demand for them, all this said once you  have decided on a particular make and model, then decide are you going to buy Privately or are you going to buy from a Garage? One golden rule in both cases if it looks to good to be true it probably is !
5} Always make sure you take someone with you whom is knowledgeable about cars OR Call HELYER AUTOS we provide an onsite pre-purchase check for your peace of mind.
6} Although this next comment is not written in stone always remember when you are buying at the bottom end of the market there is the possibility you are buying someone else’s trouble!
7} It is generally better to buy from a reputable garage that will give you some type of warranty but make sure you look at there trading reviews online and offline before parting with your hard earned cash!
8} Make sure the vehicle has a current MOT, and if possible some service history. If its a higher mileage vehicle has the timing belt or cam belt been replaced at the correct mileage? For added confidence you can also check the HPI History of the vehicle online by doing a quick Google search.
I hope this Blog will help you but if you are uncertain of something or you have just some general questions then give us a call on 01344 426999 or 07860 337658 anytime.  Happy hunting!

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