Diesel Cars And Air Pollution

As may 20th is now fast approaching the new MOT Rules for diesel cars will possibly be a sting in the tail for diesel car and van owners!
Up until a couple of years ago the government were telling us diesel vehicle were the way forward, but they have now decided that the emissions can cause breathing difficulty and a whole other range of diseases. So the clean air lobby will no doubt continue to get their way.
There are three ways in my view that the government will achieve their aim.
1} The older diesels vehicles will find it increasingly difficult to pass the new emissions tests, and when the owner is faced with the repair bill they will possibly decide to scrap the vehicle and put the money to something else!
2} They will increase the price of diesel fuel beyond what it is now and make it too costly for many families that have limited budgets.
3} Increased charges in the way of congestion levies for entering towns and city’s.
All of these will ultimately achieve the aim of the government but it comes as bad news if you have a considerable amount of money tied up in your diesel car. But, there are a few things you can do to stand a good chance of getting through the emissions tests!
Here at Helyer Autos we have Invested in state of the art Manifold and DPF chemical cleaning. Not only will it make your diesel run better and cut the emissions it is non environmentally evasive and with an oil change this should give you a good chance of at least getting another couple of years out of your initial investment !


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