Diesel Cars And Your MOT

Did you know that as of May 2018 there will be more stringent rules enforced for diesel vehicles?

MOT Your Diesel Car
We have put together some of the things that are involved so you get a better understanding as there isn’t much out there that explains it correctly –


Diesel emission limits will be lowered making it more difficult for the older diesel cars to pass its MOT. There are things an owner of a diesel car can do to give them a much better chance of passing it including –

  • Get the vehicle serviced before the MOT
  • Use an injector cleaner to a low tank of diesel

These things will make a huge difference to drive-ability, fuel consumption will be much improved and you can expect your emissions to be cut too.

A few other things that will effect MOT’s from May include –
  • The engine check lamp must not be Illuminated at any time while the engine is running, this is now a fail !
  • Reversing lights must work
  • Front fog or driving lamps must work
  • An oil leak if considered bad enough could be a failure
  • The diesel particulate filter (DPF) must not be removed or tampered with if fitted
As qualified MOT examiners for class 1/2/4 and 7 vehicles we can help you ensure that your vehicle is ready and has the best chances of passing an MOT.
In our view this is just another way of the government being able to remove diesel cars from the road under the very popular guise of clean air. The other way they may also try to alleviate the numbers is by increasing the tax on diesel fuel, and possibly increasing the road tax for diesels!
We are also waiting for the signs that the government will be running a new diesel scrappage scheme that will give you a better deal when buying a new car.


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